Your Voice can stop Trump's plan for more drilling off our coast.


Last week the Trump administration released a plan that opens up our coastline to more federal drilling. Since 1984 no new federal oil leases have been sold off the California coast, and that is because there has always been bipartisan opposition to more oil drilling in the Pacific. Everyone understands the risk offshore drilling poses to the economy and natural beauty of the California coastline. 

The 60-day public comment period regarding this dangerous drilling plan starts online today.

Tell Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke to:

1. #ProtectOurCoast - it is not for sale to the oil companies. Tell Zinke why the ocean should be protected from more drilling - wildlife, Climate Change, eco-tourism, fishing, local/coastal economies.

2. Tell Zinke we want a hearing in Ventura County and a 60-day extension of the public comment period. Right now the public only gets 60 days to read, examine and comment on the plan that is over 300 pages long, and includes nearly every coastline of the United States, including the Arctic and Washington/Oregon coast, parts of which have NEVER been drilled. The ONLY public hearing on this plan being held in California, is on Feb. 8 in Sacramento (Want to attend?), this is woefully inadequate.

3. Local Action: Congressman Steve Knight - Call his office in Simi Valley 805-581-7130 and let him know he MUST oppose this plan for more offshore drilling - the risks to our economy and the environment are too great! 

4. Thank your Supervisors: On Jan. 9 Ventura County Board of Supervisors approved their 2018 Federal Legislative Agenda, which includes opposition to new offshore drilling in the Pacific. 

AND if you are passionate about this issue, CFROG needs YOU!

We are forming a local team of volunteers to help continue our organizing around this issue. If you want to be a part of CFROG's Protect Our Coast team please call me: 805-727-1393 or email me: 

For our oceans, it is all connected, 

Kimberly Rivers

Executive Director, CFROG