Protecting the Central Coast Through Advocacy and Climate Action

CFROG is a champion for a fossil fuel free future in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. We propel positive change at the local level through advocacy, empowerment, and grassroots action. We achieve this by:

1. Engaging in local climate issues

Our staff and expert advisors engage deeply in the legislative process. We seek to positively influence climate policy, proposals, and planning, by conducting research to provide science-based recommendations and providing vocal support for legislation that will reduce environmental pollution and promote a clean energy future.

2. Holding decision-makers accountable

When local political decisions send the Central Coast backwards towards dirty and dangerous energy practices, we're here to sound the alarm bells. We provide support and information to local legislators so they can support laws and regulations that protect our air, land, and water. 

3. Empowering community activists

We mobilize the community and help new voices get heard in the decision-making process - paying special attention to the people and communities whose health and safety are often left unexamined by our local leadership. We train and mentor local climate leaders in effective, vocal environmental activism. We support community coalitions built around the biggest issue of our time - the fight against climate change.


How We Choose Our Issues

CFROG considers a multitude of factors when choosing to engage in an advocacy issue. Within our role as an oil and gas watchdog, we must take into account the particular facts and individual circumstances of each case before deciding whether to engage in an issue and what position to take. When deciding whether to engage on an issue, we ask ourselves:

1. Is there an impact on human health?

In assessing the environmental pollution burden brought to the Central Coast by decades of oil extraction, our first indicator of concern is human health. We use California's Enviroscreen tool to determine areas of highest concern. We also consider issues where destruction or degradation of natural habitat is the primary issue at hand. 

2.  Is there appropriate accountability and oversight? 

We want to create a future where the energy industry is held accountable for the negative impacts of their operations, and local government oversight is stringent and well-thought-out. Our advocacy often centers on projects and places where there has been inadequate oversight of oil industry activities, and as a 'watchdog' we can ask for greater accountability. 

3. Could the outcome of this issue set a precedent outside the Central Coast? 

While we focus on one small corner of the world, we also realize that the bold actions of one local government can set a precedent for other agencies - local, state, and even federal - to follow suit. In considering our advocacy efforts, we try to focus on victories that could create a 'ripple effect' and help other organizations advocate for the same changes in their communities. 

4. Do we have the capacity? 

CFROG is a small, dedicated and nimble operation. We are used to prioritizing work by level of urgency, and always make sure that our time is spent where it is most valuable. 


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