Ventura County Keeps An Eye on Fracking

CFROG is featured in the current "Messenger" from the Environmental Defense Center.

June 18, 2013

Venoco Deja Vu
Remember Venoco's Carpinteria project? Three years after 70% of voters said NO to the company's oil and gas scheme with Measure J, Venoco is back again proposing to slant drill with a 175-foot rig next to City Hall, the Carpinteria Bluffs preserve, Arbol Verde neighborhood and the harbor seal sanctuary.  Carpinteria has spoken, and while Venoco seems to be tone deaf, at least EDC and our clients have been listening. And so our work continues.
Photo by Matt Weinberg.

Ventura County Keeps an Eye on Fracking
With Ventura County Board of Supervisors’ recent 4-1 vote Ventura County became one of only a handful of local governments in California to directly address fracking (SB County took action in 2011). To approve new wells, the County will now require prior notice of fracking and use of hazardous materials, origin of the needed water and where wastewater will be disposed. Also, for the first time, as EDC and our clients Citizens For Responsible Oil and Gas had urged, a “no fracking” condition was put on a recent approval for new drilling in the Upper Ojai Valley.

A Full House at EDC
Two wonderful Law Clerks joined EDC this summer: Elise O’Dea and Ryan Berghoff.  After interning here as an undergrad, Elise finished her first year at Berkeley Law and we are delighted to have her smiling face (and energetic dog Kira) back in the office!  Ryan, a student at Lewis and Clark Law School, is adjusting back to sunny California quite well. If he’s not in the office, you might find him cruising up San Marcos Road on his bike.

Gaviota's Future
The last phase of the Gaviota Planning process is underway and we could use your help on June 26 at 9 AM, when the Planning Commission will meet to focus on “Parks, Recreation & Trails” and all-important “Land Use,” which are the two sections of the Plan they were unable to finish last week. EDC staff will be there to testify – Can you join them to speak or support?

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