VCStar Letter "Locked in an energy past"

About a month ago I submitted a letter to the editor of the VC Star. It was printed on September 11 (it ran online on August 16)

Sept 11, 2017, VC Star Letter to the Editor:

The fossil fuel industry is a major part of Ventura County’s history. That should not prevent smart choices for the future.

The Ventura County tax assessor's statement for 2015-16 revealed an interesting trend. Overall tax assessments increased, but the value of oil- and gas-producing properties declined by 40 percent. This demonstrates that Ventura County can prosper even when the oil industry takes a hit. Why is this important?

CLICK HERE to read the rest online in the VCSTAR.

Photo: Kimberly Rivers, CFROG and Tomas Rebecchi, FWW at the September 7 VC Planning Commission hearing regarding the expansion of the Cabrillo Oil Field without cumulative health impacts study. We are appealing to the Board of Supervisors. 



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