Ventura County - What's in Your General Plan?


What is your vision of Ventura County for the next 20 years?

 Equity - Environment - Economy

All three must be balanced for a vibrant county.

Are you new to the GenPlan Update? 
On October 16, 2018 the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission are meeting for a joint "work session" where they will review the second part of the "Draft Alternatives Concepts Report" and provide direction to planning department staff about what policies to focus on in terms of growth, zoning and over all land use policies in the new General Plan for Ventura County. 
The GenPlan is the land use "constitution" for the county and governs all land use decisions. CFROG is advocating for a balance between equity - environment - economy : all of which are needed to achieve a vision of responsible land use.

CFROG is working to ensure - 

strong climate action,

environmental justice,

are a part of the General Plan when it comes to oil and gas projects

and permitting in the county over the next 20 years.


Action Items:

  • Contact your Supervisor and let them know you support:
    • Strong Climate Action
    • Environmental Justice
    • An overall focus of public health, safety and legal compliance for oil and gas operations in Ventura County.
  • Send a public comment to for the October 16, General Plan Workshop. 
    • This can be the same language as your comment to your Supervisor, but will be part of the public record for the hearing on October 16, read by all Supervisors. 
  • RSVP to attend the Oct. 16 hearing. 
  • Share this page with your friends.

Sample comment Re: GenPlan Alternative Concepts Report, Oct. 16 : Dear Supervisor, Please direct staff to develop and include policies that aim to reduce the county's contribution to Climate Change and which will balance equity-environment-economy for a vibrant Ventura County.

CFROG efforts in the General Plan update so far: 

  • suggested revisions to the Background report to ensure an accurate picture of existing oil and gas operation, air quality, water issues, environmental justice and policies regarding climate change in Ventura County. 
  • Successfully advocated for Environmental Justice and Climate Action to be part of the Guiding Principles. 
  • Successfully advocated for action on Climate Change to be part of the Vision.