Ventura County - What's in Your General Plan?


What is your vision of Ventura County for the next 20 years?

 Equity - Environment - Economy

All three must be balanced for a vibrant county.

Are you new to the GenPlan Update? 
On April 27, 2018 the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission are meeting for a joint "work session" where they will review a "Draft Alternatives Concepts Report" and provide direction to planning department staff about where to focus in developing policy direction for a final concepts report the Supervisors will review on July 31, 2018. 
The GenPlan is the land use "constitution" for the county and governs all land use decisions. CFROG is advocating for a balance between equity - environment - economy : all of which are needed to achieve a visionwhen it comes to oil and gas projects and permitting in the county over the next 20 years.

Action Items:

1) to balance equity-environment-economy in land use and

2) building strong Climate Action, including reduction of Ventura County's contribution to Climate Change. 

NOTE: Even though the county is asking for your comments regarding the GenPlan to go to their staff, we think your Supervisors need to hear from you.

Please send your comments to BOTH:

  • your Supervisor (contact info here
  • Susan Curtis, General Plan Update Manager:

Sample comment Re: GenPlan Alternative Concepts Report : Dear Supervisor, Please direct staff to include strong Climate Action in the current phase of the General Plan update that includes balancing equity-environment-economy for a vibrant Ventura County. Policies should be aimed at reducing the county's contribution to Climate Change. 


In 2017 the VC Planning Commission reviewed these same documents, CFROG feels that our requests regarding the Background Report have been mostly met, and so our focus for Jan. 23 is going to focus on the Vision & Guiding Principles. 
Here is the language CFROG has submitted for the Vision Statement: 

Ventura County is a remarkable place to live, with clean water and air for all residents and visitors. Our exceptional quality of life and economic vibrancy are rooted in regenerative, inclusive, non-toxic stewardship of all aspects of the place we call home. The protection and conservation of our soil, air, water, cultural heritage, natural resources, open spaces, human spirit and creativity are foundations of local policy and governance and together create the framework required for healthy people and a healthy economy.

In the vein of true stewardship, the Ventura County General Plan reflects the county’s ongoing commitment to doing our part within a global society facing the impacts of Climate Change, by continually collaborating with local residents, businesses, agencies, organizations and cities to reduce our green- house gas emissions, and draw down the overall amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Here is the language CFROG has submitted for the Guiding Principles: 

Climate Action Guiding Principle:

Ventura County will: Assess, acknowledge and reduce with all due haste the county’s contributions to Climate Change to meet the strictest, applicable emissions targets.

Environmental Justice Guiding Principle:

Ventura County will: Seek to ensure the protection of residents in disadvantaged communities from disproportionate burdens related to pollution, noxious industries, and risks of environmental hazards.

The public health (Healthy Communities) principle should incorporate environmental justice concerns by being revised as follows:

Ventura County will: Promote economic, social, and physical health and wellness by encouraging walking and biking; ensuring equitable access to clean water and air, parks, public transit, and healthy foods; and integrating Health in All Policies into the built environment.


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