Fillmore/Santa Paula Community Meeting - VC GenPlan Update: - Vision & Guiding Principles

Is clean air and water important in Fillmore & Santa Paula?

Do you support environmental justice throughout Ventura County? 


Should Ventura County create a green, healthy and forward thinking land use policy over the next two decades? 

Come tell Ventura County Planning what your priorities are for land use where you live, work and play. 

Public Meeting details:  the Ventura County Planning Department is going to host a public workshop to receive input from the local community. 

This meeting focuses on the setting the "Vision & Guiding Principles" as the planning department prepares to begin the environmental review portion and then moving into drafting the new General Plan document. 

NOW is the time to let your local planning agency know you want the land use constitution for the county to make

clean water and clean air for all

the top priority for land use decisions over the next 20 years. 

Action Items: 

1) RSVP to attend the meeting on Saturday, July 29.

If you agree - come prepared to tell the County that you support CFROG's request for an Environmental Justice principle in the Guiding Principles. CFROG recommended the following: 

  1. An Environmental Justice principle must be added to the list of Guiding principles which states that the County seeks to ensure the protection of residents in disadvantaged communities from disproportionate burdens related to pollution, noxious industries, and risks of environmental hazards, (Health and Safety).
  2. The public health principle should incorporate environmental justice concerns by being revised as follows: Promote economic, social, and physical health and wellness by encouraging walking and biking; ensuring equitable access to parks, public transit, and healthy foods; and integrating Health in All Policies into the built environment. (Healthy Communities)

2) Share with your friends - bring your neighbors.

3) If you are unable to attend, send your comments to Project Manager for the GenPlan Update project manager. (805) 654-2497. 

It is vital the county hear that clean air and water for all is important to YOU. And that you support the end of sacrifice zones in Ventura County. Environmental Justice for all! Tell VC you want those tenets included in the Vision & Guiding Principles. 


Details about CFROG's participation in the Ventura County General Plan Update - 

Here is a letter CFROG submitted last month during the first work session regarding the Vision & Guiding Principles. 

HERE is information about the VC GenPlan update process. 

On June 8 CFROG participated in the workshop on the "Vision & Guiding Principles" before the Ventura County Planning Commission. HERE are the details about that meeting, and the requests that CFROG made. 

RSVP to attend the hearing and join with CFROG working for a green, healthy and forward thinking general plan - 

July 29, 2017 at 3pm - 5pm
Fillmore Library
502 2nd St
Fillmore, CA 93015
United States
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Susan Curtis, Ventura County Project Manager, GenPlan Update · · (805) 654-2497

Will you come?