VC Adopts Resolution in Support of Paris Climate Agreement

Ventura County will abide by the Paris climate agreement!

Following a motion by Supervisor Steve Bennett, the board majority will send a letter committing to a 15 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels. 

Today The Ventura County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution offered by Bennett (Dist.1) regarding the 19113980_10213670999709948_1729508607702207747_n.jpgCounty’s position on Climate Action to meet the Paris Agreement. The final vote was three in favor – Bennett was joined by Supervisors Linda Parks and John Zaragoza. Supervisor Peter Foy voted against, and Supervisor Kelly Long abstained. 

Neither Supervisor or Long who abstained explained why they were not supporting the motion. 

Photo: Supervisor Steve Bennett standing with residents supporting the resolution in support of the Paris Climate Agreement passed by Ventura County Supervisors. 

Members of the public with Ventura County Climate Hub, Ventura County Green Party and others spoke in support of the resolution.

The resolution declared Ventura County will continue to support climate action to meet the Paris Agreement and it directs the County Executive Officer to register the County of Ventura as a Signatory to the WE ARE STILL IN Open Letter to the International Community and Parties to the Paris Agreement from U.S. State and Local Governments, Universities and Businesses; and Invite and Encourage Other California Counties to Support this Effort.

HERE is Supervisor Bennett's letter introducing the Resolution. 

Here is the Resolution. 

HERE is VC Star Story on the vote/resolution.

19105710_571887889648628_5876080890589314806_n.jpgAt least 6 speakers spoke in support of the resolution, including former Ventura County city council members and leaders of the environmental community.  The first public speaker (all of which were in favor of the resolution) was Richard Baldwin, former director of the VC Air Pollution Control District. Baldwin called on the Supervisors to pass the resolution and encouraged the County to continue to take efforts to improve air quality in the County.  Other county residents spoke passionately in favor of Climate Action due to rising sea levels and the effects of global warming. Several asked “What will we tell our children?” if we don’t take this action now.

Supervisor Bennett presented a graph showing that California's economy actually got better as emissions went down. 
All members of the public spoke in favor of controlling pollution as a means of protecting the health of the planet. 
By taking this vote , Ventura County is a leader in the movement to uphold the Paris agreement regardless of steps taken by the Trump administration.

CFROG applauds Supervisors Bennett, Parks and Zaragoza for making a forward thinking vote, supported by science and acknowledging the importance of protecting our environment now and for future generations.