Update Your Public Profile - Prep for CrowdFund Campaign

Time for a bit of housekeeping CFROG supporters -

We are getting ready to kick off a fun and exciting campaign that is aimed at showing the oil and gas industry and our local decision makers that Ventura County residents put clean water, air and soil ahead of ease and convenience for the oil and gas industry. 

The campaign is going to be online and will rely on YOU and YOUR NETWORK. Some of you online, social media savvy folks will be ready to go, but some of us (myself included) need to prepare. 

Luckily, the CFROG website makes it easy. The platform we use, NationBuilder provides every CFROG supporter with a "Public Profile" page. Here is how to update it. 

First, as an example check out my Public Profile HERE: http://www.cfrog.org/kimberlyrivers

1)- Login to your Account/Profile.

If you don't have an account set up with CFROG.org yet, set one up. It's easy. You can choose how much personal info you provide. 

2) Update Your Profile - write the headline, and an intro. Then include a Fundraising Goal

3) Save your changes. You're done. 

4) Now share. You can send the link via email, on facebook, twitter etc. Friends can contribute to a cause that you care about. 

And together we send the message that Ventura County must protect our water, air and soil. 

Any questions or problems? email me: ed@cfrog.org or call: 805-727-1393. 

Cheers, Kimberly