Transportation Focus Group - VC General Plan Update


Oil and Gas extraction and related activities have an impact on our roadways and infrastructure because they require the use of oil tanker trucks - trucks coming to and from project sites, taking oil to market, taking oil field waste to disposal sites. Hundreds of trucks per month for some projects. 

Should the county factor in transportation impacts when considering oil and gas projects? 

Ventura County Planning is hosting a series of Focus Group meetings to receive input from stakeholders about various topics related to the General Plan Update. 

This General Plan document governs all land use in the county and will be in effect until 2040. The document is currently being updated this is the second round of public outreach meetings to receive input. 

Questions about the meetings? Contact Susan Curtis at VC Planning:

March 20, 2018 at 8am - 9:30am
Pacific Conference Room - Ventura County Government Center
Susan Curtis, Project Manager, VC General Plan Update ·

Will you come?