Support City of Ventura in Opposing New Offshore Drilling


On May 7 the City Council of Ventura will consider an agenda item (#11 HERE) to oppose new offshore drilling that is being proposed by the federal Department of the Interior through a new offshore leasing program. 

Action Item: 

1. Residents of the City of Ventura can let your council members know that you support this agenda item because: 

  • New drilling increases the risks of spills and accidents, especially because the federal government is rolling back important protections related to offshore drilling that were put in place after the Deepwater Horizon Disaster. 
  • Our clean oceans are vital to our local coastal economy and a spill would have a disastrous impact on local businesses, jobs and residents. 
  • We should be moving toward renewable energy sources as a pathway to energy independence since solar, wind and tidal energy is available in  infinite amounts - whereas fossil fuel based energy not only contributes to Climate Change but is a finite resource. 

Contact information for Ventura City Councilmembers HERE. 


* May 19 Hands Across the Sand Event: RSVP on Facebook.