Local Action: Let Ventura County know you want groundwater protected

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CFROG is asking YOU to speak out and stand up to ensure local groundwater basins are managed in a balanced way.


Tell the Board of Supervisors to create balanced Groundwater Management Agency (GMA) Boards so that the interests of water users are balanced with the perspective of environmental protection and long term sustainability! Support Supervisor Steve Bennett’s proposal for the basins along the Ventura and Santa Clara Rivers.




Supervisor Kelly Long has called for a resolution/policy that will change the makeup of GMA Boards. Long proposes to replace the spot on the Board for a County staff member with a Supervisor (in the case of the Fillmore/Piru basin that would be herself) and adding two pumpers (water users) to the Board. CFROG is concerned that if Long's proposal is accepted, the GMA Board is likely to be “stacked," putting an emphasis on the perspective of the users (pumpers) rather than on the goal of true long term sustainability and water quality. CFROG believes a balanced GMA Board would better serve the groundwater basin ecosystem and all of us who depend on healthy groundwater basins across the County.  

See proposals and information by clicking on links below - 

  • Agenda Item #26 - For the Fillmore/Piru Groundwater Basin - including Supervisors Long's proposal 
  • Agenda Item #27 - For groundwaters basins underlying the Santa Clara and Ventura Rivers - Supervisor Bennett's proposal

There is a lot of oil and gas activity along both major rivers and watersheds in Ventura County, and oil and gas operators do use some fresh water in their production activities. Thoughtful and balanced management of all groundwater basins is important to long term sustainability in Ventura County. The Santa Clara River and the Ventura River watersheds impact the groundwater basins that underlie those ecosystems – in deed our underground basins create an ecosystem that interact and affect neighboring basins.

Supervisor Bennett's proposal states,

"For the Upper Ventura River Basin (UVRB), non-governmental seats were created on the GSA Board for an Agricultural and an Environmental representative. The JPA did this in order to pursue managing the basin in a manner that collaboratively addresses competing demands for water and seeks to avoid subsequent challenges or litigation.

SGMA requires that Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSP) be enacted to manage affected groundwater basins, and that these GSPs address "depletion of surface water" and surface water's beneficial uses, among other objectives. How the basins underlying the Ventura and Santa Clara are managed will have a significant impact on both rivers. It is important to have balanced representation on the Boards that will be managing those basins and determining the amount of water that can be sustainably pumped from the basins." 


Tuesday, March 7 – 11:30 am – at least one hour. NOTE: the item is scheduled for 11:30 am, occasionally the Board runs a tad late. You can monitor the hearing online here by watching the live video.


Supervisors Board Hearing Room, Administration Building, Ventura County Government Center, 800 S. Victoria Avenue Ventura. Enter the Government center from entrance on Telephone Road. We suggest parking under the solar panels – but there is closer time limited (3 hour) parking in the first lot to your left.


1. Send a letter/email TODAY (March 6) to clerkoftheboard@ventura.org

In Subject line - March 7 Agenda Items # 26 & 27

  • Sample Language: Your words are best but this is to get you started -

I support Supervisors Bennett’s proposal regarding the formation of Groundwater Basin Management Boards that aim to ensure a balanced approach to basin sustainability.The Boards should include a County staff member, not a Supervisor and if additional “pumpers” (water users) are added to the Board, then a representative with an environmental organization that is active in the area of the groundwater basin should also be added to the GMA Board.

2. Attend the Hearing

Attend & Speak – there will be a public comment portion of the meeting. You must fill out a speaker card and submit to the clerk. These comments will be time limited – usually three minutes. Even just stating your support for Supervisor Bennett’s proposal will have an impact.

Attend & Support – If you don’t wish to speak, attending is still important. Consider bringing a small, simple sign that says “I support Sup. Bennett’s Proposal.”


Thank you for supporting the work of CFROG!

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March 07, 2017 at 11:30am - 1:30pm
Supervisor Hearing Room - County Government Center
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