Toxic Waste site as Cultural Heritage Landmark?

Great balls of baloney!


They want to save money and not remove the giant ammonia storage tanks at the former USA Petrochem Oil Refinery by declaring them a historical landmark.

The staff of the Ventura County Cultural Heritage Board agrees and if you think this eyesore and blight along the river should not stand there forever,  you better come to the public hearing this coming Monday July 24th and say so.

The hearing is set for 1:15 Monday afternoon in the Atlantic conference room of the administrative building of the government center on Victoria Avenue in Ventura .


The refinery closed down in 1984 when Ojai Valley residents rose up against the air pollution from a proposed expansion. But the cleanup of the hazardous waste , removal of oil storage tanks and the refinery itself didn't begin until after the EPA determined there was widespread leakage , discharges into the Ventura River and violations of the clean water act. The cleanup began in ernest a couple years ago following threats of fines of $37,500 a day and the active pressure from 1st district county supervisor Steve Bennett . Bennett will speak against the designation at the hearing Monday afternoon.

Now nearing its final phase of cleanup , there is an application to create a vehicle parking and storage facility there along with a contractor service and storage facility. They want to throw a fence around the big balls and keep them there for all to see.

They claim the tanks are important to the history of the community and were a big engineering feat.
They are big, I'll give them that.

Take a look at the picture and ask yourself is this something that enhances the river bank or is it an excuse to stop the cleanup before its really done.

If they want to place a monument on Crooked Palm Road with a depiction of the entire anhydrous ammonia plant , I will help with the fundraising . But please lets leave our environment better for the next generations.

Say no to great balls of baloney Monday in Ventura.

RSVP HERE to attend the meeting. 

If you can't make it to the meeting on Monday, July 24 - you can email your comments to:

HERE is a link to the packet for Monday's meeting. This issue begins on Page 15.