Will you stand with CFROG?

CFROG needs your support in standing

Toe-2-Toe against the influence

of the oil and gas industry

in Ventura County. 

Our Toe-2-Toe fundraising campaign goal is to raise $160,000 in the next 16 months. That sounds like a lot of money and it is. CFROG needs to form a sustainable foundation for strategic funding. The oil and gas industry may have deep pockets - but we have you - our supporters. 

Please donate to CFROG today. 


Why $160,000? CFROG was inspired by the $160,000 a local oil and gas company and industry lobbying group contributed  to a Ventura County Supervisor campaign in the 2016 election. HERE are details. This kind of contribution is unprecedented in Ventura County and shows how important the county is to the oil and gas industry and to their bottom line. It also shows how important our work is - reminding decision makers, regulators and elected officials of their duty to protect our water, air and soil. 


In the past year CFROG has been successful in received grants for specific programs and actions. But because the funds are restricted, they cannot be used for the day to day operating costs that allow CFROG to be in a position to take those actions. This is where you come in. 

Today CFROG is asking you to do two things - 

1) To make a donation today. You can set up a monthly donation or make a one time donation - any amount that you feel good about will have an impact and the next step will leverage your support. 

2) Set up your personal page on our website and tell your friends why you support CFROG. Don't worry, if you need help we can walk you through it. All of our supporters can do this, but when you donate, set a fundraising goal on your personal page and share with your friends the impact of your initial donation will combine with the support from your network - helping us reach our goal even faster. After you DONATE you'll be prompted to set up your page and share, or go there directly without donating.

Please donate to CFROG today - and then ask your friends, family and online network

to stand with CFROG - against the influence of the oil and gas industry.



With your help CFROG will grow and develop a sustainable foundation of support and continue to stand toe to toe with the influence of the industry in Ventura County and push back. 

CFROG will use your donations to

  • educate Ventura County's citizens about the impacts of oil and gas expansion in the county
  • to expand our monitoring of oil and gas permit filings and operations across the county,
  • work to fight against any new offshore drilling along our coastline
  • to increase crucial research on impacted sites and communities
  • ensure CFROG is ready to take immediate action whenever approved oil and gas projects threaten our water, air and soil. 

research – report – monitor – act

 Local Action - Local Impact