a spill, a sump and no compliance checks

And oil spill in March, led water board inspectors to identify an illegal "emergency" unlined sump pit at an oil and gas facility off of Canada Larga Road near Highway 33. Ventura County records indicated the site has not been checked by planning for permit compliance - ever. Records say there is not money to monitor permit. 

Site conditions discovered after the spill were so bad state oil and gas regulators issued an emergency order (view emergency order here) and notice of violation. Instead of forcing monetary penalties, the state is requiring the operator to properly plug two of the problem wells. 

The State Water Board (LA Region) is responsible for following up with the operator regarding the illegal sump, but Ventura County officials have stated at public hearings that no unlined sumps exist in Ventura County, but now we know they do. Here is the "investigative work plan" being performed as a result of the Water Board and State regulator findings.