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  • A description of the injury to the worker might suggest if an explosion occurred because CRC will be liable and they could want initial official records to detail a less severe incident. In this way they can avoid costly legal actions and bad public relations in the local press.

  • FWW is the most effective savvy on the ground in CA organization working on issues of oil and gas and food safety for us all! They are awesome young activists.

  • Sign the petition: Enviro Justice in Oxnard

    Environmental Justice in Oxnard

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    • We support CFROG's & Food and Water Watch's appeal of the Renaissance Petroleum expansion of the Cabrillo Oil Field - without proper assessment related to environmental justice issues and when the whole of the project is not being fully considered as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

    Grant the CFROG & Food and Water Watch Appeal! 

    No Impact Study - No Approval!

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  • watchdog on duty bringing information to the need for change in how, where, when and if oil and gas is drilled, transported and trucked in CA…

  • CFROG works with communities to monitor all oil and gas activity. This is especially the case where communities of color are located close by.

  • There were over 35 people 32 of which were there to oppose allowing the opening of the Piru oil field with out a full Environmental Impact Report! CFROG, Los Padres Forest Watch, Sierra Club, Audubon Club, Assembly Member Das Williams representative, CA Nurses Association, Patagonia and others spoke out in support of an EIR. John Brooks, President of CFROG asked for missing email documents that were not given to us to review and mentioned that the site of the proposed wells was not clearly defined in the report so that the public couldn’t give specific testimony to this permit for exploratory wells.

  • Ventura Sierra Club and other activists did an excellent job and turned out big time to voice concerns about fracking regulations.

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    This is where you help build the strong backbone for the work we do, which requires money to fund project appeals, research, outreach, public education, and yes, in some cases legal action to ensure legal compliance. This page will help you set up an ongoing monthly donation to CFROG. If you'd rather give a one time donation, click the box above that says JOIN & DONATE. 

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  • CFROG ENDORSED SB 4 and so does CA public. . .
    Most Californians want fracking regulated – PPIC & Irvine Foundation polling results
    September 25, 2013 9:00pm
    More Californians (5t percent) continue to oppose than favor (32 percent) increased use of fracking, according to a statewide survey released Wednesday evening by the non-partisan Public Policy Institute of California, with funding from the James Irvine Foundation.
    Support for stricter state regulation of fracking has increased slightly since July, from 50 percent of adults (and 56 percent of likely voters) to 56 percent today (61 percent likely voters).
    When asked specifically about two components of a new state law — SB4 — requiring oil companies to obtain permits and requiring them to disclose information on chemicals used in oil extraction techniques — most (80 percent adults, 87 percent likely voters) are in favor.
    The PPIC Statewide Survey was conducted with funding from the James Irvine Foundation. Findings are based on a telephone survey of 1,703 California adult residents interviewed on landlines and cell phones from Sept. 10-17.
    Interviews were conducted in English or Spanish, according to respondents’ preferences.
    The sampling error, taking design effects from weighting into consideration, is ±3.7 percent for all adults, ±4.0 percent for the 1,429 registered voters, and ±4.5 percent for the 1,102 likely voters.

  • and you can hear CFROG supporters discuss future of Ventura County fracking at the Ojai Democratic Club meeting next Monday at 7 pm at Ojai Art Center along with others from CA Democratic Party Environmental Caucus and local reporters….

  • Vickie Peters excellent work brings visual representations that are startling and scary. (if it were a Halloween costume that’s OK, but these are real!)

  • Great launch!

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