Santa Paula Times covers oil well fire on South Mountain

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On Sunday, September 30, 2018 an oil well fire broke out in South Mountain oil field in Santa Paula operated by California Resources Corporation (CRC), a company under the umbrella of Occidental Petroleum. That morning CFROG received a report of the fire and photographs from a local resident, HERE is that post on our Facebook page. 

Later that week, coverage of the event in the Santa Paula Times included a statement from the Ventura County Fire Department,  "The oil well equipment is heavily involved in fire and threatening the brush," no structures were threatened." (Wed. October 3, 2018, by Peggy Kelly) And while initial reports said the cause was the failure of a diesel generator the article quoted Sabrina Cisneros a health, safety and environmental specialist with CRC, as saying the cause "is being investigated." 

The land use permit governing the drilling and operations on the field was granted by Ventura County Planning. CFROG is in the process of gathering information about that permit, operating conditions and how often the county has conducted compliance inspections. 

Local press coverage of these events is vital to public awareness and understanding of the risks associated with allowing oil and gas operations and the importance of vigorous oversight.

Let your Ventura County Supervisor know you want oil and gas

land use permit conditions to be vigorously enforced. 


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