• To view a report which calculates the job losses from reducing oil output, and the offsetting job gains from alternative energy investments that could begin to replace oil use, go here.

  • CFROG's Oil Field Maps for Ventura County are HERE. See all the wells in the county and where wells have been fracked.

  • The California Department of Conservation is responsible for strengthening and improving the state's oversight of oil and gas production; Geologic Energy Management Division: Cal-GEM home page

  • To view areas where oil wells have been drilled and review well records and production levels, log on to the Cal-GEM interactive mapping site.

  • Ventura River Watershed Council has an excellent series of watershed maps here.

  • FracFocus is a website managed by the Ground Water Protection Council and Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. This site lists some fracked wells that a few energy companies have voluntarily disclosed. To view wells in the Ventura County area that have been listed, visit the site.

  • To download a report by the University of Southern California Global Energy Network and The Communications Institute, and funded in part by the Western States Petroleum Association, “Powering California: The Monterey Shale and California’s Economic Future,” click here.

  • To review supporting materials from a 2013 presentation by Ventura County Staff and the State Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources regarding fracking in Ventura County click here.

  • To review a report by the Wheeler Institute for Water Law and Policy, UC Berkeley Center for Law, Energy and the Environment,  "Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing in California: A Wastewater and Water Quality Perspective," click here.