Climate First: Replacing Oil & Gas (CFROG) fights for environmental justice and climate action on the Central Coast. We strive to empower Ventura County residents to become involved in the decision-making process by attending meetings, submitting public comment, organizing, and speaking to friends and neighbors.

We strive to change who gets heard during this necessary transition away from fossil fuels.

In order to more effectively carry out our mission, we commit to the following principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion –

We believe that diversity is critical to the success of the environmental movement.

We know that passive commitment is not enough; we actively seek out voices that are underrepresented in our work.


We value both the visible and invisible qualities that make up a person’s unique identity.

We welcome every person’s perspective and lived experience and listen carefully to all opinions expressed within our own ranks, and within the communities we serve.

We ensure that everyone who interacts with CFROG feels seen, heard, and respected.

We strive to center diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in our daily work.

We commit to continuously evolving our idea of diversity and inclusion as we learn and grow as an organization.


Actively engaging with the above principles requires an ongoing commitment that must permeate every aspect of our organizational culture, including our values, norms and behaviors. CFROG supports diversity across the range of human experience, not limited to ethnicity, race, language, gender identity/expression, sexuality, religion, age, and ability.