Oil and gas development in Ventura County as of November 2017 (Click map to enlarge)

  • 3,719 active oil and gas wells
    • 1241 of those are injection wells
  • 458 Fracked Wells. 
  • 1241 Idle Wells - can be easily made active
  • 442 buried – old wells, plugged and buried
  • 4215 plugged wells. Old unused wells, aging casings.
  • Most of these wells are within one of three major watersheds in Ventura County.
  • Many are drilled through our groundwater aquifers – forcing the public to rely on aging casings, a complicated web of regulatory agencies.


The map below shows the large oil and gas pipelines that are used to move separated "product" to market and/or to be refined. 

Ventura County pipelines