Protect Fillmores Water - No Sespe Aquifer Exemption


We the undersigned hold the State of California, Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) and the State Water Board - jointly responsible for the protection of the Fillmore Sub-Basin, which is the only source of drinking water and irrigation water for many in the City of Fillmore and surrounding area. 

DOGGR and the Water Board are assessing an application to allow expanded oil field waste injection and potentially hydraulic fracturing "fracking" into the Sespe Basal Formation. The oil company, Seneca Resources, has applied to exempt the Sespe Basal Formation from the requirements of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. The exemption is required to allow injection and fracking. 

DOGGR and the Water Board cannot guarantee the Fillmore SubBasin will be protected and therefore the exemption must be denied. 

  • The Fillmore SubBasin is only 1/2 mile down slope from the Sespe Basal Formation.
  • Descriptions of the two basins say interaction between them - fluids passing from one to the other - is "unlikely." 
  • The City of Fillmore, and many residents do not feel "unlikely" provides enough of a guarantee that their water will not be polluted by the proposed expansion of nearby oil field waste injection, and due to that the City of Fillmore sent a letter opposing the exemption. 
  • Information provided by DOGGR incorrectly stated the San Cayetano Fault is "impermeable," when in fact, the fault is  permeable and could be a conduit for fluids. 

DOGGR and the State Water Board have a duty to protect Fillmore's Water - in order to meet that duty the exemption must be denied. 


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  • EPA is putting Fillmore citizens public health and safety at risk!

    We as citizens of Fillmore need to protect our public lands from corporations who are trying to exploit the natural systems for profit. Hydraulic fracking uses hazardous and nuclear chemicals in the process of production which effects the air, water and soil all of which are finite natural resources. Hydraulic fracking is an environmental crime that should be stopped!! Seneca Corp has no monitoring logs of any oil wells that are active in Fillmore, who is regulating the health of wildlife around these wells? and who will be regulating the health and safety of all the individuals in Fillmore Ca? Seneca Corporations aka Mars can go to hell! Hydraulic fracking is an issue to the State of California because it consumes 9.6 million gallons of CLEAN water per well !!! what the FRACK!?
  • Gigie Hall