Pipelines Under City of Ventura

Comments regarding the Hall Canyon Spill from CFROG Advisory Board Member Anneliese Anderle, Petroleum Engineer and retired Senior Engineer with California, Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR)

"Just to verify the agency that oversees the Crimson Pipeline that spilled about 700 BBLS (?) yesterday, I called the Pipeline Safety Division of the California State Fire Marshall (CSFM) in Lakewood.  Mr. Daniel Hastert indicated that their agency has jurisdiction and a file on this 10" diameter line going back to its original owner.  The information can be obtained as expected, through a Public Records Act request. Mr. Hastert could not tell me any details regarding how the leak occurred, but said that a CSFM inspector is on site today.
It is incredible that this particular line runs under so many of the Streets here in Ventura!  I asked what the working pressure of the line but this could not be disclosed by Mr. Hastert.  I estimate that it is at least 600 - 800 PSIG since it must be moved over 100 miles from the Ventura Field to the Exxon refinery in Torrance.  The oil flow is routed down North Mills Road, then east on Loma Vista, south on Day Road, east on Telegraph Road, south on Hill Road, east on Telephone Road then south on Los Angeles Avenue (see map). The 10" line is routed north and east of Ventura College, the Ventura Main Post Office and Buena High School before crossing Victoria avenue along Telegraph Avenue.  The line was ruptured a few years' ago in Somis and may have other spill incidents not known to PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration). The pipelines end at the county lines to the east and west; all are intrastate under the jurisdiction of the CSFM.

The crude oil [in this pipeline] is light and highly volatile. This spill could have been a major fire had it ignited.  This is all the more reason for greater public awareness of the hazardous high-pressure pipeline below the City of Ventura."

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE Ventura County Grand Jury report on the need for a study of pipelines in the County. 

See the map of Pipelines under the City of Ventura Oil_Shipping_Lines_in_Ventura.jpg