Pattern at County Planning revealed in Quarry Permit

CFROG's mission is to make sure that oil and gas activities in Ventura County are only allowed when public health and the environment are protected. As part of that effort CFROG often makes comments on oil and gas project applications and land use permit modifications, and if appropriate file legal action.  

In doing that work we have witnessed a pattern within the Ventura County Planning Department - changes being made to permits without proper impact studies being done as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). This body of laws is aimed at protecting the environment, but also ensuring the public has ample opportunity to review and comment on a project. 

Today - as I write this, the Ventura County Planning Commission is hearing an appeal of a land use permit for a rock quarry on Highway 33, north of the city of Ojai. CFROG has submitted comments regarding a change that occurred in the permit - without impact study - a time change in operating hours for the quarry. Why is that such a big deal? Well, because the route for those trucks takes them right past Nordhoff High School. 

This clearly creates a situation involving public safety. But the permit has always required the trucks to wait until after school starts to get to the quarry. And the change has been made without a proper impact review. 

CFROG feels this permit demonstrates a pattern within the planning department that, if allowed to stand, will create a precedent for projects - across industries - throughout the County. We feel the public deserves, and in deed the law demands, impact studies be done when public health and safety is involved. 

CLICK HERE to review the letter CFROG submitted to the Planning Commission. 

If you are concerned about this issue, of changes being made to land use permits - oil and gas permits as well as permits governing large trucks across industries - contact your Ventura County Supervisor. Find your supervisor HERE.