On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we at CFROG had hoped to bring you better news.

As we fight the biggest threat to our health most of us have ever known, we are simultaneously seeing longtime protections for clean air, water and our lands fall by the wayside in an unprecedented move by federal officials to grant the fossil fuel industry’s every wish.

April 21 brought an announcement of a bailout for Big Oil, already enjoying lavish subsidies — by some estimates roughly $20 billion per year.

And officials have said that this year is on track to be the warmest year on record.

We are determined to find opportunity in the darkness. Commuters staying at home have brought about the cleanest skies in decades and we have found that telecommuting is a viable lifestyle. People have discovered they can be happy living simply and that mass consumption is not necessary. We are suddenly paying attention to the effect we have on the planet and this builds awareness of climate change.

Today we can still celebrate Earth Day. Visit a quiet outdoor spot that brings you joy. Tune in to Earth Day Live with global conversations, calls to action, performances, video teach-ins and more.

And your friends at CFROG will still keep working hard for you. Our mission is more important than ever as regulatory frameworks dwindle. We follow up on your concerns, identify projects that have the potential to endanger public health, and have steered public policy to bring about a more earth-friendly future.

Working together we can make change happen.

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