No Fracking In the Sespe!

sespe.jpgA plan to frack in the Sespe Wilderness is making its way through the federal government. It's time to prepare for LOCAL ACTION for LOCAL IMPACT. 

Under Obama the plan to frack in the Sespe was tabled - then in October - before the election the feds began a low level review process of opening up fracking again in the Sespe.  We now have word from our friends at Los Padres ForestWatch and Save the Sespe and that the Forest Service expects to finish that assessment in the next month or two (May/June 2017). We are monitoring. And will be calling you to action when the public comment period is open. 

Many local organizations will be paying close attention to this but we need YOU the public to ACT. Stay tuned. 

Photo: From Save the Sespe.

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Local Action - Local Impact

Sespe_Santa_Paula_Fillmore.pngAction Items - For right now make sure you are SIGNED UP with CFROG to receive our updates. 


Map: created by Vickie Peters, GIS for CFROG.

Shows the active (green) oil and gas wells operating in and near the Sespe Wilderness (Upper right corner) and the pink triangles show the wells that have been fracked in the past - since tracking began.