Modelo Canyon Project WITHDRAWN

Faced with overwhelming concerns of public health and safety and the determined efforts of citizen groups to require an environmental analysis, the Modelo Canyon oilfield proposal near Piru has been withdrawn.

December 22, 2014 

Citizens For Responsible Oil & Gas (CFROG), Los Padres ForestWatch (LPFW), The Center For Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Piru Neighborhood Council (PNC) have been told that Dos Cuadras Offshore Resources (DCOR) has withdrawn its application to reopen a former oilfield that has been dormant for nearly 25 years. Therefore the exploratory wells that were proposed alongside Modelo Creek in violation of the law are no longer under consideration by the County of Ventura and the upcoming appeal hearing before the Ventura County Board of Supervisors will not be held.  

Julianne Lugo, a member of the Board of the Piru Neighborhood Council that voted unanimously to oppose the project without a complete EIR, says "There are still many active wells that surround us and 5 new wells from the same oil company that the county approved administratively. We deserve full disclosure of potential health effects and risks and can no longer depend or rely solely on the county to fully inform or protect us."

Steve Colome' PhD , CFROG advisory board member on health and air pollution says  " "This immediate victory offers breathing room for the Ventura County planning department to demonstrate that it is capable of protecting the public's interests and objectively evaluating and mitigating the impacts of oil and gas development."

LPFW Executive Director Jeff Kuyper says, " If this proposal is brought back, Ventura County must evaluate the serious impacts that oil wells, pipelines, roads, and tanks will have on people and the endangered California Condors that frequent this critical wildlife corridor."

CFROG President John Brooks says, “When the planning department turns its back on the health and safety complaints of the the people they are charged to protect, we had no choice but to appeal in the name of environmental justice. This is a great victory for the people but our efforts to mandate responsible oil and gas development must continue."

CFROG began its campaign for a full EIR last year when it found that planning staff had minimized or even failed to consider potential impacts to condors, water pollution, earthquake risk, and truck traffic and health impacts to residents of the small rural community of Piru.

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