Map All Gathering Pipelines

CFROG is asking our Supervisors to do their duty and ensure our environment is fully protected when an oil and gas land use permit is approved. 

Tell your local elected officials your local environment must be protected!

This Petition is STEP 1 on the Call to Action list. After you sign our petition you'll be asked to call and/or write your Supervisor. 

See todays BLOG Post regarding this issue, and for details about Tuesdays hearing. 

NOTE: we are seeking signatures ONLY from Residents of VENTURA COUNTY! Thank you! 


We as residents of Ventura County ask you, our locally elected Board of Supervisors to do your duty and ensure a full and complete environmental assessment is being done whenever an oil and gas land use permit is under review.

Please direct staff to require an applicant to provide a map and design plan for all gathering pipelines that will be located – in whole or in part – within the applicable land use permit boundaries.

Please protect our air, water, land, wildlife and oceans from the potential impacts from oil and gas activities where we live, work and play. 

GOAL: 200 signatures

Will you sign?