Join CFROG at Work Session - June 8

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 8 at 5:30 your Ventura County Planning Commission members will meet for a Work Session to review various draft documents that are laying the foundation of the General Plan Update. 

This is an important process for YOU - the public - to get involved with - land use planning governs so much of where we live, work and play. CFROG is monitoring the process in terms of oil and gas activities - we want to see strong, clear and enforceable language in this land use constitution document. 

The commission will be asked to review the following documents - 

1. Vision & Guiding Principles -

The Commissioners will review the vision and guiding principles as drafted by staff. This draft document was released for public review one week ago and this is the first opportunity for the public to comment on it. HERE is a link to the document on the county GenPlan website. 

Rosenmund.jpgCFROG will be asking the commissioners to include a strong Environmental Justice principle, which is currently lacking in land use planning policy and we feel is an important component for oil and gas project analysis in the county. 

Photo: Rosenmund Drill Site in Oxnard - Environmental Justice issues have not been analyzed for a nearby project in Oxnard - How many oil and gas wells should be added in prime farmland? How many oil and gas wells should be approved next to disadvantaged communities already overburdened by pollution?

2. Background Report - 

This document establishes the baseline for the Environmental Impact Report under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). It is important the report is an objective statement of the current status of land use in Ventura County. 

Naumann_Flare.jpgCFROG was informed by planning staff that comments submitted by a particular date would be incorporated into the draft Background Report and responded to by the date of the Planning Commission hearing - that is not happening at this time. 

On May 31, CFROG submitted the following letter to the Ventura County Planning Commissioners seeking a postponement of this hearing so that staff might have ample time to incorporate, and/or respond, to the comments received (from any individuals and organizations) into the draft document the commission is being asked to review on June 8. We received no response. Here is our May 31 letter. 

Here is the draft Background Report on the county website. 

Here is CFROG's Background Report letter with our requested changes.  


Call to Action Ventura County! This is where you live, work and play -

It's time to let your local agencies know that a green, healthy and forward thinking General Plan is important to you.

RSVP to the hearing - HERE.