Jeffrey Starkweather

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    Volunteers are the heart of grass roots movements. 
    CFROG needs all different kinds of volunteers - from sitting at our booth at events, to set up at fundraising events and attending hearings. Here are some examples: 

    Canvassing - join our crew in going door to door in communities to inform them about oil and gas projects in their area, potential impacts and how they can get involved. Don't worry - we have skilled canvassers to help support you! It's fun. 

    Shift at Local Event - Help spread the word about CFROG and the work we do - volunteer for a shift at our Booth at local events. Check out Calendar for upcoming events. 

    Research Team - Do you like pouring over documents? Maps? Then you might enjoy joining our research team. This is vital to our monitoring work - this is how our current team has found oil wells drilled in the wrong spot, errors on maps and more. 

    Attend a Hearing - CFROG sometimes determines that we must appeal an approved oil and gas project - this leads to public hearings before the Ventura County Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors. In the future we may have hearings at the City level. When you attend a hearing you send a message to the public officials that the public cares about this issue, and is paying attention. 

    Action Support Team - This is an important team of dedicated volunteers who will provide support to various CFROG actions. It might involve organizing piles of papers to submit to the court, it might involve making signs, it might involve brainstorming or posting fliers. If you like to do the nitty gritty work this team is for you. *If a certain focus area like offshore drilling or Environmental Justice appeals to you this is the team to join. We need team leaders!

    Event Team - Help CFROG set up, break down and manage our fundraising and public outreach events. 

    Host a Meet and Greet - Share information about CFROG with your friends. 

    Graphic Guru - do you have rock star graphic design skills - or are striving to develop them? CFROG is in need of volunteer help with graphic design needs for events, online, creating fabulous fliers, striking images and more. If you'd like to help we will thank you profusely and share your info at every opportunity. 

    Thank you for your support!

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