Given the year we've all had, only one thing feels certain -

No-one's going to accidentally write "2020" on their checks after New Year's.

As we all slow down for the holidays (and share in the relief that this year is finally coming to an end) I want to express my gratitude to all of you. Thank you for your support. Your generosity helps us fight for a clean and livable future for Ventura County, free from the dangerous and dirty oil & gas activity that threatens our air, land, water, and bodies. 

I feel hopeful for the future. A lot of work is ahead, sure. But the advocacy I get to do every day serves as a potent counterpoint to all the bad news that comes across my desk. 

Action is a powerful antidote to fear. 

If you're looking for a last-minute gift for the environmentalist in your life, for anyone who feels like there's more doom than hope for our planet, consider making a donation to CFROG in their name -- 

If you "write a note" with their name and email, I will be sure to write them a personal message of hope on New Year's Eve. 


Wishing you and yours rest, warmth, safety, and comfort this holiday season.

And here's to powerful new beginnings in 2021. 


Liz Beall

Executive Director

John and Liz Beall


Screenwriter, rabble-rouser, environmental advocate. Executive Director for @cfrog_vc. Reps: Kaplan Stahler Agency, CK Artists