"Guiding Principles for The People's Paradise"

CFROG supporter John Davis pens a compelling piece for CounterPunch about how Ventura County is falling far short of truly capturing public input for the General Plan Update. SUBSCRIBE to CFROG emails to stay informed about our efforts to expand public input and ensure Ventura County hears from people in the county who want Environmental Justice and Climate Action to be major parts of land use in the coming decades in Ventura County. 

Ventura_County_Oil_Wells_map.jpgan excerpt - "Since I believe I have been defrauded of my rights to legitimately provide input to the process by a patently specious outreach program conducted as window dressing to the machinations (and low-grade word-smithing) conducted in the vape-filled rooms of the County Planning Commission on a document initially drafted by a planning consultant, I feel empowered to propose a draft of my own five-point Guiding Principles for The People’s Paradise (F.K.A. County) of Ventura."

Read the entire piece on CounterPunch HERE.