CFROG needs your support to stay on watch for you

The past year has proven that a small, savvy group of activists CAN change the direction of public policy

With your support, we’ve had a number of successes protecting our air, land, and water:

  • First to warn about the discovery of petroleum-related gases in Oxnard’s aquifer. Sought and won unanimous Board of Supervisors vote for a moratorium to protect our water.
  • Fought to successfully deny an expanded oilfield near a low-income community with a high pollution burden.
  • Put oil companies on notice with a long-sought vote by the Board of Supervisors to bring all new projects under modern environmental review.
  • Supported the inclusion of a robust climate action plan in Ventura County’s new General Plan.
  • Administered a successful community air monitoring program in low-income communities.

But a push at the federal level to unravel 50 years of environmental progress has made our mission even more urgent.

The new federal CARES Act has provided new tax benefits for donating to nonprofits like CFROG. 

Donate today! We are fighting against an industry with tremendous resources that they use to confuse and manipulate public opinion and your help has made all the difference.

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