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There are over 8600 oil wells in Ventura - they are active, idle, plugged, buried. About 453 of them have been fracked. Each of these wells pollute our air and jeopardize our water supply.

CFROG is protecting our air, water and climate, right here, right now.

To keep #CFROGonWatch give to CFROG on Giving Tuesday.


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By donating to CFROG next Tuesday, Nov. 27, you will help unlock a challenge donation from a passionate supporter. Michael Shapiro, a member of the CFROG Advisory Board has offered a $2500 matching donation for Giving Tuesday.  


Help us raise $5000 and support your local watchdog.

Push back against the influence of the fossil fuel industry in Ventura County.

Why Michael supports CFROG -

“As a proactive volunteer working for almost 30-years to protect our local environment, I’ve never seen a greater and more significant threat. We are witnessing the wholesale roll-back of important environmental regulations, while at the same time the fossil fuel industry is aggressively expanding throughout Ventura County.

This makes it vital for all of us to do what we can to support CFROG - our local watchdog organization. Here in Ventura County CFROG is leveling the playing field and standing-up to the unrestricted expansion of oil extraction, fracking, methane gas flares, tar-sands oil extraction and hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

We are fighting Climate Change, right here and right now!

I’m so concerned by the dramatically increased threat levels that I’m offering a $2,500 matching donation to assist CFROG in standing up to the oil industry throughout Ventura County.  

Please join me in raising $5000 for CFROG on Giving Tuesday.

Thank you for your support and contribution!"

Most Sincerely,

Michael J. Shapiro

Advisory Board, Citizens for Responsible Oil & Gas

P.S. Just this week it was announced that Andrew Wheeler - one of the most strident coal industry lobbyists - to be the new, permanent head of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)!   This brazen appointment signals the current administration’s efforts to dismantle environmental and safety regulations that will have catastrophic climate change consequences.

It has never been more important than NOW to stand-up and deliver!   Together, we can make a difference. Donate to CFROG to hold the oil & gas industry accountable, to advocate for clean energy and green jobs, and to protect and preserve the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink!

We hope you'll donate on Giving Tuesday, but you can always donate online to CFROG HERE.