Fracking & Water Scarcity in Ventura County


 ‘fracking’ and water scarcity problems reported by nonpartisan polling for California

This data report is especially important in Ventura County where residents and agriculture rely on ground water resources and not state water. 


Sacramento Bee, September 25, 2013 (excerpted from report, see link below)

Fracking: After months of contentious debate this year and the defection of some key environmental groups, the Legislature passed -- and the governor signed -- a bill to regulate hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. That legislative push mirrors a high level of public concern, with 53 percent of both likely voters and adults oppose increased fracking in California, and a wide margin of respondents called for state regulation of fracking (56 percent of adults, 61 percent of likely voters).

Water: While more than half of Californians believe that water supply will be somewhat or very inadequate to accommodate demand in the next 10 years, respondents split on whether the best solution is building new water storage systems or focusing on water efficiency. Central Valley residents prized efficiency over construction; the opposite held true in the Inland Empire. A plurality of likely voters, 44 percent, favored paying for water projects via state bonds rather than through heightened taxes or user fees. That response takes on additional significance as lawmakers work to craft a twice-deferred water bond measure for the 2014 ballot.

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  • Dave Williams
    DOGGR has just posted a series of public meetings about the new “fracking” laws. Its is interesting they are not even calling them hydraulic fracturing laws but well stimulation laws and the meetings are all being held in cities where the oil and gas industry has a very strong presence. None of the meetings are in the Bay area and in the LA area the meeting is in Long Beach where the oil industry is in bed with local government.

    Oil, Gas & Geothermal – DOGGR Home Page
    State of California
  • helen conly
    CFROG ENDORSED SB 4 and so does CA public. . .
    Most Californians want fracking regulated – PPIC & Irvine Foundation polling results
    September 25, 2013 9:00pm
    More Californians (5t percent) continue to oppose than favor (32 percent) increased use of fracking, according to a statewide survey released Wednesday evening by the non-partisan Public Policy Institute of California, with funding from the James Irvine Foundation.
    Support for stricter state regulation of fracking has increased slightly since July, from 50 percent of adults (and 56 percent of likely voters) to 56 percent today (61 percent likely voters).
    When asked specifically about two components of a new state law — SB4 — requiring oil companies to obtain permits and requiring them to disclose information on chemicals used in oil extraction techniques — most (80 percent adults, 87 percent likely voters) are in favor.
    The PPIC Statewide Survey was conducted with funding from the James Irvine Foundation. Findings are based on a telephone survey of 1,703 California adult residents interviewed on landlines and cell phones from Sept. 10-17.
    Interviews were conducted in English or Spanish, according to respondents’ preferences.
    The sampling error, taking design effects from weighting into consideration, is ±3.7 percent for all adults, ±4.0 percent for the 1,429 registered voters, and ±4.5 percent for the 1,102 likely voters.