Sespe Aquifer Exemption: Fillmore/Piru Groundwater Basin Management Board

CFROG_Ventura_County_oil_wells_map_Santa_Clara_Inland_12x16_200-dpi.jpegCFROG oil well map showing the close proximity of the groundwater basin - light blue shaded area - to the Sespe Oil Field. Image below (scroll down) shows yellow boundary of proposed exemption zone. 

On Monday, during their meeting, the Board for the Fillmore/Piru Groundwater Basin Management Agency has a scheduled agenda item to Discuss the status of the Sespe Aquifer Exemption Application from Seneca Resources to the State of California and the Federal EPA seeking permission to expand the area where they are allowed to inject - for production or waste disposal. The part of the aquifer they are asking to inject into, is located just over a mile from the Fillmore Groundwater Basin - the sole source of drinking water for the residents and farmers of the Fillmore Area. 

Here is information on the Sespe Aquifer Exemption application and process. 

Here is the agenda for the Jan. 29 meeting. 


January 29, 2018 at 6pm - 8pm
Fillmore City Hall - Council Chambers

Will you come?