Environmental Justice For Oxnard! NOW!

Naumann_Flare.jpgThe press is taking notice and the community is speaking out. Here is an article by the LA Times pointing to the burden Oxnard is being subjected to by the fossil fuel industry.  

PHOTO: CFROG - Naumann Drill Pad and flare permitted as emergency flare. Air Pollution Control District permits allow "emergency" flares which burn "unplanned" have no limits to allowed emissions. That means an operator can burn an emergency flare regularly, and still be within the conditions of their permit. Is that a policy that protects public health?

CFROG and Food & Water Watch have filed an appeal of a project that will expand the Cabrillo Oil Field in South Oxnard at Etting and Dodge Road. Here are details about the project.

Volunteers have been canvassing the community and have gathered 1000 signatures to a petition in favor of the appeal of this project. Sign the petition NOW.  

And here is a letter to the editor in the VC Star by FWW Intern Karina Kaye of Oxnard... 

Letter to the Editor, Ventura County Star, by Karina Kaye

It’s not a coincidence that the residents of south Oxnard haven’t heard of the expansion of the Cabrillo Oil Field. Renaissance Petroleum has proposed four more wells and an oil processing facility capable of servicing 35 more wells in the future.

Our community has been blighted by decades of dumping from other cities, and more recently, threatened by NRG’s plans for a new fossil fuel-generated power plant on Mandalay Beach. If anyone knew of the plans for expansion, the outcry from the community would be enormous. Read the full letter HERE.