Environmental Justice for Oxnard

Renaissance Petroleum expansion: Located just outside Oxnard City limit on Etting Road near Hwy 1 and Rice Road intersection





With a large mobile home park nearby and eight schools (Oxnard College, three high schools, three elementary schools and one preschool) in the surrounding area, this project expansion would include four new wells and increased methane flaring.

Upon approval by the Ventura County Planning Commission, CFROG and Food & Water Watch immediately filed an appeal.

Oxnard is not a sacrifice zone!

Ventura County did not consider any Environmental Justice issues in the processing of this project application. 

Quick Facts  

  • Four new oil and gas wells have been approved without full study of potential impacts to public health, air, water and soil.
  • The community is already burdened with chemicals, pesticides and air pollution.
  • New oil field “hub” to separate oil, water & gas for 20 wells in Cabrillo Field (another 15 had previously been approved by the county but the timeframe in which to drill has passed - the operator may reapply for those wells) – All those trucks are NOT being considered in this project review.
  • CFROG and Food & Water Watch are fighting the approval of this project because without a full study, public health, air, water and soil are put at risk.

CFROG is waiting/preparing for the rescheduled Board of Supervisors hearing on July 23.