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Environmental Justice for Everyone in Ventura County

$100.00 raised
GOAL: $4,000.00

Join CFROG in working for Environmental Justice in Oxnard and throughout Ventura County!

Do you want Ventura County to ensure all residents have clean air and water?


Our health is not for sale!

Ventura County just approved a project in Oxnard that will add five new oil and gas wells to a drill pad 500 feet from a mobile home park that is already categorized as highly impacted when it comes to Environmental Justice! Donate to our efforts to achieve justice for communities already overly burdened by oil and gas pollution and impacts - because all of Ventura County is worth protecting!

Every person in Ventura County deserves access to clean air and clean water.

Our appeal deadline is April 13 – we need to make sure we have the necessary funds related to our efforts to protect air and water across Ventura County.

Do you want Ventura County to ensure all residents get environmental justice? 

Help us Raise $4,000 before April 13 to ensure clean air and water

for all of us in Ventura County

Who's donating

Katharine Pond