Oxnard bears a heavy pollution burden. And it’s about to get worse. Please sign this petition NOW and contact your supervisor!

We are lending our voices to help of one of the most impacted communities in Ventura County, the residents of the Oxnard Pacific Mobile Estates and surrounding neighborhoods. 

This 82 percent Latino community is the only neighborhood in Ventura County that abuts major transportation routes, oil and gas industry expansion and heavy pesticide use. Numerous oil wells are all within a one-mile radius of this area.

As firm believers in the principles of environmental justice, we support the efforts of Climate First: Replacing Oil and Gas (CFROG) and Food & Water Watch to bring a full environmental review process to a proposed expansion of the Cabrillo Oil Field near this neighborhood.  Their appeal of a decision by the Planning Commission will be heard on July 23 before the Ventura County Supervisors.

Oxnard bears a heavy pollution burden and this area is particularly troubling. There are 1,400 low-income residents living in Oxnard Pacific Mobile Estates in Oxnard with homes as close as 1,665 feet to a drill pad, with another nearby. This oilfield will be expanded to four new oil wells, an oil and gas processing facility, and a flare to burn off gas produced at the project. The production facility is being built to separate oil, water and gas for a minimum of 20 permitted oil wells, causing more air pollution and truck traffic in the area.

The mobile home park in proximity to the oil field is bounded on three sides by Highway 1, South Rice Avenue and East Pleasant Valley Road, which are all primary trucking routes from the Port of Hueneme. The State of California, using a tool to identify communities that are most impacted by and sensitive to pollution, assigned this community a score of 100 for pesticides, 97 for impaired water and a pollution burden percentile of 91.

We believe an addendum to the original Mitigated Negative Declaration that was prepared for the project in 1986 is not enough and review should encompass the total pollution burden this community bears, current court decisions and the fact that environmental justice is now a required part of the land use planning elements in California. Better would be to stop new projects at this site altogether.

The highest calling of our government is the responsibility to protect the health and welfare of its citizenry. We are calling for full environmental review for the impacts of the project on this community.