County had warning - Pipelines need to be studied

CFROG Blog – June 23, 2016

This morning an oil pipeline has sprung a leak  (Click for LA Times article) – an estimated 700 barrels (that is about 29,400 gallons) of crude oil was moving toward the coast near San Jon Road at the 101 freeway in Ventura.

It seems timely somehow – almost three months ago the Ventura County Grand Jury issued a report stating it is time for the County to do a study on the status of its many miles of pipeline.


CFROG is looking into maintenance reports for that pipeline – the County has authority to follow up with the Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) regarding inspection reports, ongoing maintenance.

What will the inspection records show for this pipeline?

We hope those dirt berms can contain the oil and prevent it from reaching the beach and ocean…

Here are some comments from Anneliese Anderle, CFROG Advisory Board member and a retired state oil and gas inspector with DOGGR

"From the preliminary information, the spill occurred in a Crimson Pipeline, LLC shipping line that carries oil from the Ventura Avenue Field to the LA refineries.  

Maintenance, test and route information is available through the State Fire Marshal, but only through a Public Records Act request.  For instance, I called about the Crimson pipeline that collects oil from the Upper Ojai but could not get simple information about its diameter without searching through the CUP record for the Agnew Lease.  The PHMSA web site shows the location of the pipelines but is purposely inaccurate due to Homeland Security concerns. 
This is exactly the info that is not readily at-hand for the first responders."