Be an advocate for strong climate language

You can help us weigh in NOW

Working for the health of the planet is CFROG's core mission and we believe the effects of climate change will impact Ventura County profoundly — from the wildfires which have raged out of control to coastal infrastructure now threatened by sea-level rise.

That's why it is critical that Ventura County gets it right in the climate elements of its General Plan Update, now newly released. Please read the Conservation and Open Space Element as well as Appendix B: Climate Change to stay up to date.

Here is a link where you can submit comments.

You can find CROG's official comment letter here, drafted with the help of the prestigious environmental law firm, Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger, LLP.

Talking points you can use:

• It is absolutely clear and indisputable that climate change is here, it’s real and its effects are already being felt throughout our county. This General Plan Update is our biggest chance to set policy that will really be actionable against climate change.

The Los Angeles Sustainability Plan, aimed at meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, has clear and bold goals: “By eliminating fossil fuel production in the county, including drilling, production and refining, the county will protect its residents from harmful local pollution that inequitably burdens low-income communities and communities of color.” We need a similar goal.

• Another goal from the LA Plan: “Collaborate with DOGGR and unincorporated communities and affected cities to develop a sunset strategy for all oil and gas operations that prioritizes disadvantaged communities.” Ventura County needs a similar goal.

• There is a palpable sense of urgency in the air. The public is ahead of the policy makers. Our leaders need to catch up and lead.

• Climate change is caused by fossil fuel production and consumption. The Climate Action Plan (CAP) addresses the consumption side by encouraging electric fuel vehicles and clean power for homes and businesses. The CAP does not address the production side at all. Ventura County is the fourth largest oil producing county in California. As such, we must do our part to reduce oil production through thoughtful, rigorous policy to phase out production.

• Agriculture must be sustainable and pesticide free.

• This CAP sets the policy that will drive land use decisions and projects that will affect GHG emissions for the next 20 years. The planet depends on each county, municipality and country to do this right.