Clean Up Update Aug 17

Dear Local Venturans and Members of the Environmental Community 

Attached you will find my compilation and distillation of the information materials presented by Yvonne Addassi, the Liaison Officer for the "Grove Incident" Oil Spill. This information was presented at a meeting of those directly effected by the spill with the Unified Command (UC) on Aug 10.

Addassi represents the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Office of Spill Prevention and Response (CDFR/OSPR), part of the Unified Command in charge of all aspects of the oil spill "incident."  

Addassi and her colleagues are in charge of the clean up. They have agreed to these valuable meetings with those residents directly effected by the oil spill.  Furthermore, they now agree that Addassi's materials presented at the meeting can be circulated to the public.

I have taken it upon myself to make a single document out of the OSPR replies to our requests for information in the form of the powerpoints and pdfs presented at the meeting. I entitle it "Responses to Residents' Requests to the Unified Command."  I asked Addassi to review what I produced, and she and others have approved my notes, only making a few additions. The notes basically respond to oil spill neighbors' requests for more information about the clean up process.  Particularly useful are the charts and diagrams which estimate such things as where the oil is now, how much of it remains in the barranca, and the detailed schedule of clean up work.

I hope the attached document provides useful information for those of us directly effected as well as for the public at large.


Robert Chianese, Hall Canyon Road


HERE IS THE DOCUMENT prepared by Robert Chianese - a summary of the Aug. 14 meeting on the clean up.