Public Health FIRST!

IT’S ALL HAPPENING, this Saturday, May 20th at noon, at the Governor’s mansion in Sacramento, CA. Folks from all across the state are coming to tell our legislators to prioritize our health over the profits of the oil industry.

17758585_1384148348359572_1700391551918565948_o.jpgCFROG will be there!  

From 1969 to now the fight against the oil industry continues starting in Santa Barbara with GOO's (Get Oil Out) to today across the nation and in Ventura County.  What that took was an influential retired State Senator, Alvin Weingard, a famous sculptor, Bud Bottoms, a PR specialist Marvin Stuart and a philanthropist and horse lover, Lois Sidenberg.  The Environmental Defense Center was born to apply the newly minted CA Environmental Quality Act law to legal actions.  Many many protests created the environmental movement throughout the US and we still are fighting even today.  Onward!  

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In the last ten years, the oil industry spent over 266 million dollars influencing California politics. This level of political influence is unacceptable, and it has allowed the biggest polluters in the world to continue legally poisoning our communities.

To beat the oil industry’s millions we need to mobilize in the thousands. This is why, now more than ever, we need YOU and as many of YOUR FRIENDS to show up in Sacramento this coming Saturday and say: oil money out, people power in!

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Your presence will amplify, strengthen, and unite the message from people all over the state of California: OIL MONEY OUT, PEOPLE POWER IN.

Support CFROG TODAY! Working in Ventura County and talking to our elected officials in Sacramento about putting public health above oil industry profit! 

Onward, Helen Conly