CFROG Statement on SB-4

September 13, 2013

SB 4, the first step to protect Ventura County from the ill effects of fracking and other forms of well stimulation will soon become law. It passed both the Senate and Assembly and the Governors office says he will sign it. Now we as members of CFROG have a lot of work to do to add more layers of protection.

SB 4 is only the initial regulatory action in an effort to make sure the recovery of shale oil beneath portions of California will not damage the environment. The state regulations control what happens underground, everything else like truck traffic on roads, land use, noise, air quality, water quality and supply, access roads and graded pads is the responsibility of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and our city councils. Nothing in the legislation prevents local agencies from moving forward with independent CEQA review of the above ground impacts of tapping the Monterrey shale oil and CFROG needs your help to make sure that our local officials take the next step.

From El Presidente de CFROG John Brooks: "Call me an optimist or stupid, I still believe this bill is a MAJOR step forward and I was not impressed by the concerns raised by the LA Times or others. Certain issues will be litigated but the framework is solid. IMHO."