CFROG's Accomplishments: 2013 - 2014

Citizens for Responsible Oil & Gas (CFROG) was born in the Spring of 2013 out of deep frustration, a lack of credible information, and concerns that the oversight provided by federal, state and local government of oil extraction - both traditional techniques and new methods like fracking and acidization - are not adequately protecting our health and environment.

CFROG’s first action was to challenge the Ventura County Planning Director's approval of permits to drill nine new wells in the Upper Ojai Valley, and we won the first “no fracking” agreement in Ventura County.

We then started to look at new drilling applications and older conditional use permits approved by the Ventura County Planning Division and discovered an urgent need for accountability. 

CFROG’s response was to create an ongoing citizen watchdog group that can monitor, call to action, educate the community and litigate when necessary.

Here are just SOME of CFROG’s accomplishments during our first year. 

  • Became a California nonprofit tax exempt organization with a five member Board of Directors
  • Established an impressive Advisory Board of scientists, attorneys, teachers, artists and cartographers
  • Hired the Environmental Defense Center for legal appeals
  • Created and with many resources and extensive maps of wells and fracking locations
  • Endorsed Senate Bill 4, California’s first fracking regulatory law, signed by Governor Brown last fall
  • Hosted event in Ventura with California Senator Fran Pavley, author of SB 4
  • Testified in January 2014 at first fracking regulatory law state hearing on development of new law
  • Partnered with Earthworks to organize a study of air quality in residential areas near oil wells
  • Through extensive volunteer research, uncovered evidence of an oil well drilled in the wrong location; forced the Planning Department to require that the oil company to restore the area
  • Launched a campaign to require an environmental review (EIR) for Piru Modelo Canyon oil field next to Condor Sanctuary
  • Organized testimony in May at the Planning Director's hearing to support a full EIR for new oil field next to Condor Sanctuary
  • Joined with Los Padres ForestWatch to file an appeal to the Planning Commission of the decision NOT to conduct an EIR in Modelo Canyon
  • Researched and filed comments with US Forest Service on an application to frack eight wells in the Los Padres National Forest in the Sespe Oil Field 
  • Testified in July 2014 at second fracking regulatory law state hearing
  • Hosted an information booth at Earth Day