CFROG Report on Water Contamination

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  • Kali Coultas
    We need to just stop them from doing this again, and its appearing we can’t rely on anyone else to do it but ourselves. Its time to protect our own water. #waterislife
  • James Wilson
    I applaud Mr. Nast’s advocacy to do low-cost baseline water testing. Better we know the true state of our water supplies that assume there’s no problem just because a Big Oil & Gas representative says not to worry. Given that there already is measurable levels of contaminants identified in your report, I can’t see a more prudent course of action. I live in Oxnard’s Marina West community and I want the certainty that I’m not being “poisoned” by my water server who I understand draws from these local aquifers. BTW – I believe Mr. Nast, meant to say “drought” rather than “draught” towards the end of his comment.
  • Robert Nast
    Dear John Brooks and others,
    It is unclear from my layman’s reading of the report whether or not the safety of VC’s water is being called into question, in general? For example, are the nine (9) under ground sources of drinking water (wells) owned and operated by United Water located in the El Rio area, which provide 80% of our public drinking water {e.g. the Navy Bases VC, PH,Oxnard, CIBCSD} in anyway to be considered in possible danger of pollution/ contamination based on the preliminary testing and findings? As you know, we have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get our local govts to do baseline testing of county sources of public drinking water water, which is considered a necessary and best value insurance policy against future contamination by O&G and Ag run-off. That’s the main reason why I’m running for the BOD for the CIBCSD. That, and the fact that the current board does not have a plan B for when (not if) we run out of water due to the current/extended draught.. I would like a written response to help me convince United Water/CIBCSD/Oxnard/ and VC BOS to conduct one time low cost baseline testing. Respectfully, Bob Nast