CFROG Moves Ahead with New Complaint

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Citizens For Responsible Oil and Gas

Citizen Watchdog Group Files Complaints To Trigger Investigations Into Alleged Ojai Oil Field Abuses

October 22, 2013

Citizens For Responsible Oil and Gas (CFROG) has filed code compliance complaints against Mirada Petroleum of Santa Paula alleging that the company has failed to shut down several oil and gas wells as called for in a new permit to drill oil wells and rework two others.   

CFROG also alleges Mirada Petroleum drilled an oil well without the necessary zoning or grading permits.

The oil company was granted permission in June of this year to drill multiple new wells over the objections of CFROG, with the understanding that all terms and conditions of (CUP) NO. LU11-0041 would be followed. The Ventura County planning commission required Mirada to idle and abandon all wells on the Nesbitt Lease in the upper Ojai Valley within 90 days of the decision and stop using Koenigstein Road which large trucks had been dangerously traversing for 17 years in violation of its earlier permit. The company also promised not to use hydraulic fracturing (fracking).  According to officials at the Ventura County Planning Division and the state Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), the company has not idled the wells.

CFROG's other code complaint, which was thoroughly researched by volunteers, alleges the oil company bulldozed pristine land without a permit in 2008 and drilled an oil well a quarter mile away from where the well was authorized. Permission to drill the "Nesbitt 5" well was granted and exempted from environmental review, specifically because it was to be drilled alongside other wells on an existing drilling pad.

CFROG will continue to monitor current oil and gas operations throughout Ventura County in an effort to protect the environment and encourage state and county inspectors to step up their vigilance. In the coming months and years it is expected there will be dozens of requests to conduct fracking and acidization to recover oil in the Monterey shale underneath the old oil fields in Ventura County.  These inherently risky well stimulation techniques will require a greater effort to prevent contamination of ground water basins and protect public health, agriculture and tourism.

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