CFROG Current Actions in Ventura County-

Current Projects, 2019


My People, My Air


A Community Air Protection Program

CFROG wants you to be a part of the clean air solution! My People, My Air is a three-pronged program centered around increasing community involvement in protecting air quality.


My People, My Air

We are getting hand-held air monitors out in three heavily-impacted communities in Ventura County: Central & South Oxnard, along Ventura Avenue, and in upper Ojai.

My School, My Air

Schools grades 5-12 are using these same monitors in their classrooms to learn about air pollution and use cutting-edge technology.

Drone Flights for Clean Air

Drone Flights for Clean Air: CSUCI Professor Dr. Sean Anderson and his students are using drones to map and measure emissions from previously unmapped natural oil seeps in the Upper Ojai Valley.


With a grant from the California Air Resources Board, we're working with the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District to get your voices heard about your neighborhood air quality. Click here to learn more and get involved.

#NoNewTarSands  #PublicRightToKnow

What are the impacts of 79 new oil wells on the Oxnard Plain?


#WhereAreTheSumps? #VCPlanningMustCheckCompliance

An oil spill at a site where Ventura County Planning failed to conduct compliance review of land use permit leads state inspectors to identify emergency sump pit - one the operator said didn't exist. 


Photo at Hammond lease shows "animal burrows" allowing oil to leave containment area

and flow into nearby creek at Canada Larga


#VCGreenGenPlan - Ventura County, What's in Your General Plan?

Our county needs a green, healthy and forward thinking approach when it comes to oil and gas permitting over the next twenty years. CFROG is working to ensure that happens in the current VC General Plan Update.




NO more oil waste injection in the Sespe! 


#ProtectOurCoast - 

#ProtectOurCoast - 


CFROG BLOG with Update related to the Thomas Fire:

Info from State about process of bringing oil fields back online, Burning oil Seeps in Upper Ojai. 





Superior Court finds Ventura County violated state law!

#CFROG Enforces CEQA

On November 14, 2017 Hon. Glen M. Reiser of Ventura County Superior Court issued an order instructing Ventura County to nullify the approval of an oil and gas project in the Upper Ojai Valley because the way the county processed it - without proper air emissions analysis or full consideration of public safety impacts of oil tanker trucks on Koenigstein Road - violates the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). 

Project Details and Court Order HERE. 



Project Status: pending County scheduling our appeal hearing before the Board of Supervisors.

-On Sept. 7, 2017 the VC Planning Commission voted to approve the project as is. We applaud Commissioner Nora Aidukas for her no vote and Commissioner Phil White for his attempt to add a permit condition that would have helped reduce emissions. 

CLICK HERE FOR VC Star news coverage of the Sept. 7 appeal hearing.

DO you support our appeal? 

CFROG is partnered with Food & Water Watch in our appeal of an oil and gas project at Etting & Dodge Roads in Oxnard.  On April 13, 2017 partners CFROG and Food & Water Watch appealed a project approved by the Ventura County Planning Director that adds more oil and gas wells to a location without studying how an increase in truck traffic, emissions from more oil wells and other factors will impact residents, students at local schools, and farm workers in the area. 

HERE is more info about the project. 

 Action Items:  

Stay tuned ! 

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Photo shows the Naumann Drill pad that is part of this project. The "pilot" flare constantly burns and when the operator needs to burn off excess gas the flare grows larger. Emissions from "unplanned" or "emergency" flaring is not tracked or limited in Ventura County. We do not know how much emergency flaring will increase with this project.


#Enforcing CEQA in VC -

trucks_prohibited_on_K_Road.pngCFROG is ensuring that when Ventura County approves an oil and gas project it is complying with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) - including parts of the law that require impacts to public health, air, water and endangered species be studied and considered.

CFROG digs into project applications, historic land use permit documents to find errors, violations, inconsistencies and gaps in oversight. When appropriate we submit comments, file appeals and ultimately may take legal action. 

CFROG is reviewing a new application - 

1. Bentley Renewal - Ojai Valley/Creek Road.

*August 2017 Status: The City of Ojai has filed an appeal of this project. CFROG is providing informational and outreach support. We applaud the city for taking seriously its duty to protect public health.

CFROG has filed an appeal - 

1. Renaissance Petroleum Expansion - Oxnard - see info above about Environmental Justice in Oxnard. RSVP to the September 7 Planning Commission hearing.

CFROG currently has two active CEQA lawsuits in Ventura County - 







Issues CFROG is Monitoring In Ventura County: 

  • Fracking onshore and offshore.
  • Aging oil and gas infrastructure
  • Unmapped pipelines/pipeline maintenance
  • Rincon Island
  • Ongoing investigation of Los Angeles Regional Water Board. 
  • Idle wells
  • abandoned/orphaned wells


Since 2013 CFROG has worked for clean air and water for all in Ventura County. Our program areas include: 

  • Working for Environmental Justice
  • Advocating for responsible and forward thinking land use planning and policies
  • Advocating for transparency and accuracy in the oil and gas permitting process
  • Ensuring the public interest is represented during the oil and gas permitting process
  • Educating the public and local decision makers about the impacts of oil and gas activity on our air and water.
  • Monitoring oil and gas regulators
  • Monitoring the enforcement of land use permit conditions.

Past Actions & Victories:

Since 2013 CFROG has appealed seven oil and gas project that were approved by Ventura County.

HERE is a list and summary of each appeal and the victories we achieved in the process.