CFROG Files Suit to enforce CEQA

CFROG in the press - Courthouse News Service, July 25, 

Group Fights Oil Drilling in Ventura County

     OJAI, Calif. (CN) — In granting a permit for oil wells whose emissions will violate air standards, a nonprofit watchdog claims in court, Ventura County also approved "use of a road found to be so dangerous that its use for oil tanker traffic was prohibited in 1983."
     Citizens for Responsible Oil and Gas sued Ventura County on July 21 in Superior Court, and named Mirada Petroleum as a real party in interest.
     By 3-2 vote in June the Board of Supervisors approved modification of a land-use permit to allow Mirada to drill three new wells, re-drill an old well, and allow tanker traffic on narrow and winding Koenigstein Road and its dangerous intersection at Highway 150.
     Supervisors did this though the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District estimates that each well emits 2 lbs. of reactive organic compounds per day, and the county has a 5-lb.-per day "threshold of significance" for the Ojai Valley air shed, according to the complaint. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY.