CFROG Exposes Groundwater Contamination in Ventura County

CFROG exposes evidence of Groundwater basin contamination – CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR REPORT AND SEE TEST RESULTS

During the Oct 18, 2016 meeting of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors, Citizens For Responsible Oil and Gas (CFROG) will urge the Board and county staff to become the guardians of our increasingly fragile and diminishing water supply. 

CFROG and the general public have been told,

"there are no oil sumps in Ventura County"


"oil and gas activities have never polluted ground water aquifers.”

Both statements are false.

Here is an example of a sump used to dispose of oil field waste 


Test results obtained through a directive from the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (LARWQCB) show water wells in both the Upper Ojai Valley and in unincorporated Oxnard contain dangerous chemicals and high concentrations of inorganic compounds. All oil operators must respond to the LARWQCB; only limited data has come back so far.

Dr. Brad Newton, an independent hydro-geologist, in an analysis commissioned by CFROG examined test results ordered by the LARWQCB and found -  

"Based on these findings there is cause for concern that oil and gas exploration and production activities have contaminated groundwater aquifers within the County of Ventura. Further investigation would be necessary to understand the extent of groundwater contamination/impacts from oil and gas operations throughout the county." 

Links to Report and Data at bottom of this post. 

These conclusions are based on only two test results – one in Upper Ojai and one just outside of Oxnard city limits.

What is the full scope of the contamination?

What is the responsibility of our local elected officials now that they have this information?

We now know Ventura County has over 100 sumps. They are only permitted for air emissions – there are no permits pertaining to protection of the soil or groundwater and there are no independent inspections.  The operator is responsible for the integrity of the concrete or metal sump linings and all Ventura County requires is a cover so that people and/or animals don't fall in.  Currently, no agency is responsible for the integrity of any sumps.

Concrete fractures, metal rusts. The chemicals sink down through the earth into the water supply.

Who is making sure the water underneath the sumps is protected? Isn't that why we have government? To protect our health and safety?

CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR REPORT and see the report from Dr. Newton. 

and to RSVP to the hearing on Tuesday CLICK HERE. 

John Brooks

President, Citizens For Responsible Oil & Gas