CFROG Comments on Draft Background Report

CFROG_Banner_copy.jpgBack on April 14, 2017, CFROG submitted comments to the Draft Background Report.  These comments are to ensure the Background report is an accurate "snap shot" of Ventura County in order to establish a baseline as the General Plan Update Process moves forward. Here's an excerpt of our comments...

Regional Market Trends –

This section comments on labor trends in the region and Ventura County and thus, should contain information about the current existence or lack of jobs in the alternative “green” energy field – and the potential for growth in this sector. The report provides information on the current state of oil and gas jobs and should also state the expected decline in production and anticipated resulting job losses based on dwindling reserves and efforts to shift away from fossil fuel based energy.

Water Resources - 

The vulnerability of our water sources to impacts from discharges, spills and leaks from aging oil and gas infrastructure, human error, natural disasters, seismic events, inevitable system failures and so on, should be included in the report. 

General Comments - 

In addition, in order to be truly objective, if the Background Report is going to mention the use of fracking nationwide, it must also state that fracking is being banned in some areas, and that new studies are linking both fracking and/or the injection of fracking waste to water contamination and other health risks/impacts, including induced earthquakes. Also, there is no information that fracking in the future would lead to economic benefit for Ventura County – as the industry has stated fracking has NOT tapped the reserves in the Monterey Shale formation. The report states that some enhanced methods are being used less in recent years. But in fact, we are still seeing considerable amounts of cyclic steam, water flooding etc. Records from the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board include AERA Energy’s plans for water flooding etc. The report must also mention the growing public sentiment opposed to fossil fuel extraction and facilities that utilize fracked gas and how that may impact economic drivers in this industry – and also the development and availability of new cleaner technology – battery storage, solar, geothermal etc. may have an impact in this industry over the next 20 years. 


HERE is our complete letter to Ventura County with our Background Report comments.